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Heinz Lauer


Training Humans to speak DOG

Heinz Lauer has been an animal lover all his life.  As a young boy he helped out in a pet store, cleaning cages as well as feeding and caring for the animals. From thereon he had hamsters, dogs, fish, cats and again dogs.

On a sunny day in 2008 his wife called to tell him that she’d bring a dog home (in addition to their four cats). A four month young puppy was abandoned by his owner and run into his wife’s store. This is where his dog training live started.

While taking this dog to puppy classes he became very interested to learn more about dog training and has since successfully completed the Basic Dog Obedience course from the Leerburg University, the Dog Behavior & Training Course from the International Open Academy as well as the Dog Emotion and Cognition course by Duke University. He attended Karen Pryor’s ClickerExpo in 2016, 2017 & 2023. He is a trainer for Pets for Vets since 2015 and as such he trains rescue and shelter dogs for veterans with PTSD.

Recently he completed the Canine Communication Certification from the New Skills Academy and the SIRIUS Dog Trainer Course by the Dunbar Academy.