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Chewing is a favorite activity of  domesticated dogs, wild dogs, and even wolves. It can be very beneficial for gums and teeth. It is often seen in puppies beyond teething. All dogs need items to chew. The problem comes in when they chew your shoes or other inappropriate items. Dog need to be taught what items are okay and what items are not.


Barking, howling, growling, and whining are all forms of vocal communication used by dogs. As your words have different meanings, so do a dogs barks. As with most behavioral problems, identifying and understanding the reason is necessary to finding the solution.

Separation Anxiety

Another common behavior problem in dogs is Separation Anxiety. This problem is often found in shelter dogs because of their history of be abandonment,  but can occur with any. This problem can manifest in many forms, some more destructive than others. Because there are many motivations, many different solution need to be applied.

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Heinz is a wonderful trainer. He took my Gustav under his wing. His ability to work with any breed is bar none. I would recommend Heinz as a trainer to all of my family and friends. For all your training needs trust in Heinz to get your pet where they need to be!

Matt W. - Las Vegas, NV

I am a Marine Veteran who is thankful for the time and effort Heinz has given toward my close Friend Joey who is a Pitbull Terrier mix with great discipline and always full of energy and love. Heinz trained Joey and then helped me and trained myself and Joey together to help our bond which has grown stronger since. It has almost been 2 years and I haven’t been happier with my choice of trainer and dog companion.

Jeff B. - Las Vegas, NV

Heinz is a very patient and reassuring trainer, especially for someone like me who didn't have much confidence as a new dog owner. His suggestions and tricks work well, and I like that they are always a positive experience for the dog as my dogs are both very sensitive in nature and don't respond well to negative reinforcement. He is very responsive and flexible in providing the support that you need, and he will always work with whatever comfort level you are currently at. I went through his basic obedience class with my Great Dane, and we have also done 1-on-1 sessions. Both were great experiences. My dogs absolutely love him and get so excited when they see him around the neighborhood occasionally. I highly recommend Heinz and plan to continue using him as my go-to for all training needs in the future. 

Brandy G. - Las Vegas, NV


Heinz Lauer was very helpful in offering personal assistance and instruction with my rescue dog, Jax. Heinz has also offered articles and suggestions to help me improve the quality of training I provide to Jax. Thanks, "Wag An' Train" Heinz Lauer. You're a great neighbor! 

Randall M. - Las Vegas

Heinz Lauer, dog (and master) trainer extraordinaire! If your dog doesn't sit, stay, speak on command, kennel up when commanded, play well with others, walk well on a leash, or greet visitors nicely, this is the guy you need. And the beautiful part is, you'll take on the responsibility and be rewarded handsomely with a well-behaved animal that knows his place in the pack. Eliza and Paul H. Satisfied customers Adoptive parents of Border Collie/Black Lab Mix named Groot.


Eliza H.  - Las Vegas

Heinz Lauer is a former chef instructor of mine. After a year I decided it was time to adopt a dog for my daughter. We adopted a 1 yr old pit mix. He is a sweet playful pup. Heinz came to our home so it would be where our new pup Dragon would feel the most comfortable. After 1 hour Dragon was walking better on the leash and listening to commands. But better than that he taught us skills we have been using. In a week has begging less, not jumping and not pawing us. Heinz will answer your questions and offer support for your new family member.

Rachel H. - Las Vegas, NV

Everything comes from the heart!

Aminta H. _ Las Vegas

They tailor fit the pets to you.

Donna L. - Las Vegas

Heinz is a natural with all dogs!

Michele P. - Las Vegas

Heinz came and helped us with our dogs! Great guy and honest and upfront about everything. Really explained well what was happening and why. Absolutely recommend!!! Thanks again Heinz!

Shannon R. - Las Vegas

Heinz was wonderful with not only our puppy but our whole family. Love his kind and patient methods of training a puppy. We all learned so much and have a well mannered puppy now. Heinz was professional, reliable, consistent, and very knowledgeable. Easy to see why he came so highly recommended by the rescue where we got our puppy. Thank you Heinz!

Tracey B. Las Vegas

Heinz volunteers with A Path 4 Paws dog rescue on the weekends and helps potential adopters find they right dog for their family. He does a great job and has been very successful with the adoptions! He also works with some of the dogs that might need a little help with behavior and seeing past some of their quirks. Thanks Heinz!!


Laura W. Las Vegas


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